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De Bonte produces REBLOC precast concrete safety barriers. REBLOC consists of vehicle systems for both temporary and permanent usage, produced following the European standard EN1317-2 and the BENOR standards.  On top of these quality labels, the CE-marking was obtained as well.

Accesories and total solutions

  • Multiple dimensions.
  • Elements with different containment levels, levels of working width and impact security levels.
  • Terminal and transition elements available.
  • Different accessories available.


  • Efficient placement due to long elements.
  • No loose parts due to integrated coupling.
  • Efficient placement due to symmetrical construction
  • Higher securtiy for motorcyclists due to closed surface.
  • Openings for water drain.
  • All sorts of accessories are available to fulfill all requirements and local circumstances.

 Available elements    (Note: technical data sheets are available for each element)

Containment level: the containment level indicates the level of impact a barrier can take without problems.

Impact severity level: the ASI impact severity level indicates the strain the impact has on the car occupants of a light vehicle.

Working width: the level of working width (W) is the distance between the front side before the impact and the maximum lateral displacement of any part of the construction afterwards.