Level crossing slabs

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Monolithic level crossing slabs of the highest quality for railroad applications!

Product characteristics

  • Monolithic homogeneous element. Replaces the complex construction of a railroad crossing.
  • Surface has a high level of traction due to increased roughness.
  • Plate rests on the outer ends on the subsoil with 2 grout beds (elastomeric).
  • Multiple elements are joined at broad crossings.
  • The elements for a curved track are customized.
  • Fastening of the rails onto the plate by means of an elastomeric cast shell.
  • Available in light version.

Important advantages

  • Fast placement: within 24h.
  • Maintenance free for 25 years.
  • The large mass of the element is extremely favourable for the stability of the crossing.

Technical specifications

Dimensions Length: standard in 6 m and 9 m
Width: 2370 mm
Heigth: 580 mm
Weight 6 m: 20 ton / 9 m: 30 ton
Concrete quality Belgian plates: C50/60 EE4
Dutch plates:   C45/55 XC4, XD3, XF4
Surface Roughness: SRT ≥ 70 – according to NBN EN 13036 – 4
Durability < 2,5 mm – according to Amslertest NEN 2873
Water permeability: 25 mm – according to water permeability test ISO 7031
Electrical resistance Between the gutters: ≥ 200 Ωm
Between gutter and cross section: ≥ 96 Ωm
Finish Gauge: independent, single rail
The edges of the element are protected with steel profiles .
Surface: customized
Durability At least 25 years maintenance free.