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With more than 20 years of experience in producing prestressed monobloc sleepers, Betonfabriek De Bonte has gained a considerable expertise in this field. Based on this, they developed their own optimized production machine and moulds which are sold internationally.


  • Full design of prestressed concrete sleepers in accordance with customer’s specifications.
  • Engineering of factory layout and buildings, utilities, etc.
  • Design and building of machines and equipment.
  • Engineering and production of moulds
  • Installation as a turnkey project
  • Assistance with the certification process.
  • Training of technical staff and production workers.
  • Start-up of production.
  • Assistance with the quality control of production.
  • After-sales service for maintenance and spare parts.


  • High degree of flexibility (choice of sleeper type, adjustable production speed, etc.) as well as high and uniform product quality.
  • Automation level can be adjusted according to customer’s requirements.

Different stages of the production process

  • Automatic spraying of demoulding oil.
  • Fitting of reinforcement and inserts.
  • Electronically controlled tensioning of reinforcement.
  • Casting and compacting of concrete.
  • Installation of USP (Under Sleeper Pads).
  • Automatic transport to the curing area.
  • Curing of the concrete sleepers.
  • Detensioning of moulds.
  • Demoulding of sleepers.
  • Fitting of fastening material on sleepers.
  • Automatic measurement.
  • Transport of sleepers to storage.


  • 1994 – Machine Type III – Belgium – De Bonte
  • 2003 – Machine Type III – Belgium – De Bonte
  • 2009 – Machine Type I – France (Avignon) – LIB Industries
  • 2010 – Machine Type II – Turkey (Izmir) – DERE Beton
  • 2015 – Machine Type IV – Czech republic- ZPSV
  • 2015 – Machine Type I – Algeria – Infrafer