Customized modular constructions

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Customized modular constructions with BENOR-label, based on an ingenious connection system.

 Accessories and total solutions

  • Dividing the construction into manageable sections.
  • All dimensions available (length, width and height).
  • Stability analysis taking account of the actual load.
  • Formwork plans and reinforcement drawings.
  • Integrated or separate cover lids, with manhole or integrated spigot for the construction of the shaft.
  • All types of connections to concrete, gres, PVC, HDPE, PP and GVP pipes and concrete box culverts are possible, by means of sealed rubber joints.
  • Additional items can be integrated such as ladders, slides, valves, grilles,… .


  • Prefabrication is no longer restricted by weight or shape.
  • Elements are connected waterproof on site; no pouring necessary.
  • Placement time can be limited to 1 day, 2 days max.
  • Assembly with much lighter telescopic cranes, even with yard cranes.
  • More efficient and safer placement due to the spherical head anchors.
  • All additional items are available.
  • Dimensionally stable execution in self-compacting concrete.
  • Waterproof joints.
  • The mechanically linked connections avoid setting differences and sliding.
  • Less bother for residents living nearby the construction site.