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Rectangular culverts are the solution for works at shallow depths or in the case of high flow rates! The standard culverts as well as the customized elements are prefabricated according to the BENOR label.

Accessories and total solutions

  • Adaptable dimensions (length, width and height).
  • Angular rotation.
  • Application of a flow profile.
  • Application of overflow.
  • Application of fauna tunnels.
  • Manholes, if necessary with an integrated spigot for the placement of standard shaft elements.
  • Fitting of post-tensioning channels. Post-tensioning is recommended when the subsoil is unstable, to prevent setting differences.
  • Tight fitting of pipes through sealing of joint by rubber ring.
  • Customized connections are possible by means of an opening; but a spigot and socket joint is possible as well.


  • Dimensionally stable and guaranteed waterproof production in self-compacting concrete.
  • Efficient placement due to 3 spherical head anchors in fixed positons.

Dimensions of standard elements  (note: technical data sheets available on each element)