Aqueduct heads

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Aqueduct heads retain the soil above the entrance of culverts; where watercourses cross underneath a road e.g. Our aqueduct heads are manufactured according to BENOR standards.

Accessories and total solutions

  • All dimensions are possible (length, width and hight).
  • Stability analysis (balance of tilt and slide forces) taking the loads at the site into account.
  • Formwork plans and reinforcement drawings are available.
  • Connections with concrete, clay and PVC pipes are possible, by means of rubber joints.
  • Integrating box culverts or channel lining elements is possible.
  • Different executions are possible: with rounded corners, brick structure, openings for utilities,…
  • Can also be used as a retaining wall; available customized.


  • Efficient placement due to fixed position of anchors.
  • Supplementary shoring is superfluous; placement is more efficient due to the combination of aqueduct head and channel lining element.
  • Dimensionally stable execution in self-compacting concrete.


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