20 October 2015 Concrete street solutions through new partnership !

At the end of 2015, De Bonte entered into a collaboration with paving specialist Pressplate (Lokeren BE and Breda NL). This relatively young enterprise developed a wide range of innovative concrete pavement solutions for application in infrastructure and railway works.  Pressplate specializes in durable finishing products and coloured concrete, available in a wide choice of prints, for in-situ applications as well as prefab elements.

Thanks to our collaboration, Pressplate will be able to offer a wider range of solutions for infrastructure and railway works: prefab elements, printed concrete and a durable finish. Pressplate will now also be in a position to deliver more complex prefab concrete products, as well as in-situ concrete work.  By bundling our know-how and expertise, these prefab products are technically and visually better geared to the desired application.

Want to know more about the products and solutions that Pressplate has to offer?

Consult our website: www. pressplate.com.